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We all have choice.

We all have choice in everything we do.

It's really easy to do things such as blame others for our choices. For example: I can sometimes find myself running late and it's usually because I've been 'messing about.' I'm not particularly judging this habit of mine but it is there and has become a habit. I'll perhaps be ready to leave and I think "I'll just grab a tissue." The tissues are not where they usually are so then I need to hunt for them. Before I know it I'm late for my bus. There are two ways I could look at this. I might decide to blame the bus driver "the bus is always late.... why is it early when I'm running late!?" I exclaim as I get fed up. Or, I could consider that had I been more organised, I'd have left earlier and been at the bus stop at least a few minutes before it's due. I can either blame my decisions on external factors or I take responsibility for my choices.

Can you identify times where you have perhaps made choices that have negatively impacted on your day? Are you able to recognise that a different choice might have had a different outcome?

When we recognise that we have choices we take our power back. We can begin to move from the place of 'Victim' on the drama triangle (Karpman,1968) to a place of acceptance and potency.



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