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Confidence and Resilience

I'm shortly going to be running a course in partnership with the WEA (Workers Education Association) and I'm going to look at resilience and confidence. I will be helping people to look at what resilience is, what helps build resilience and what might decrease it. Week 3 is the physiology of resilience. What helps us grow? There may be some overlap here with week 7 which I'll tell you about in a moment.

Week 4 is centered around Transactional Analysis (TA) and resilience. In there are 3 ego states and these are called Adult, Parent and Child. Being in any of these states doesn't mean we literally turn into a child or a parent but we might start behaving in child like ways. Let's look at this statement "It's not fair!" this might be true, but it could also be that you are metaphorically stamping your foot! You might say this is similar to the behavior of a child in response to being told 'No.' Which ego state do you think will foster resilience?

In week 5 we move on to looking at confidence. What does confidence look like? What is the different between being confident and not. We will look at body language.

Week 6 is all about faking it until you make it and I feel excited. You'll have to come along to the workshop to see what this is all about.

Week 7 is where we might see some overlap with week 3 as I look at the neuroscience of confidence. When we are feeling confident we activate what are known as the 'value areas' of the brain including the striatum and the prefrontal cortex. When we feel confident, we activate the part of our brain involved with pleasure and reward and not only do we feel good but those around us do too.

Finally, in week 8 I'll be looking at self care. Self care is something of a buzz word at the moment but it's not all bubble baths and massages. It's about looking after yourself, that might be getting more sleep, taking the stairs instead of the lift or taking your lunch break rather than eating al desko!

The course starts next week, beginning with a free taster session (25th January) at 10am at the Drighlington Health Hub. (Run in partnership with the WEA)



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