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There Is No Such Thing As The Wrong Path.

Today is Scottish Highers Results Day. The #NoWrongPath is trending on Twitter.

I'm now writing this blog to help spread the message. Whether you have received your results today or are awaiting GCSE or A - LEVEL results, Degree results or the result of a Job Interview. There really is No Wrong Path!

To all those who receive results that are not as good as you were expecting or had hoped for, this is not the end. Allow yourself some time to cry, watch a box set, walk, run, go the gym, have a bath whatever is your 'thing' or pick a few of these things and then start to consider your next move.

The amount of pressure put on young people at school nowadays I am not surprised there is a huge weight on the shoulders of those taking their exams. We tend to speak in language of passing or failing rather than trying your best. For me, as long as you try your best then nobody (including yourself) can ask for more. We might then ask ourselves what if our best isn't good enough? Deep Breathes.

Your dreams do not have to end here. There are many ways to get to the same place. As I write, I am reminded of something I once heard that has stayed with me. The words were "You have two choices in life. Do something or do nothing.

That's very true and the chances are that if you do nothing then nothing will happen.

Take time. Take stock. Then very gently - remember to treat yourself as you would a good friend - go onward. You might take a path that's a bit longer. Maybe, the path will lead you to something better. Perhaps you get a better job than the one you interviewed for and weren't successful for? You might go to college instead of staying at school and you meet some new people and have an unforgettable experience that you wouldn't have otherwise had?

Treat yourself with kindness.

I would love to hear from you if your life has taken a different path to the one you imagined. You can contact me by email or Twitter @sarahfelton9



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