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Your ​Therapist ​is ​Sarah ​Felton ​contact ​mobile ​07737805334 ​and ​email

All ​further ​correspondence ​should ​be ​made ​directly ​with ​Sarah.

Sarah ​abides ​by ​the ​Code ​of ​Ethics ​of ​the ​British ​Association ​of ​Counselling ​and

Psychotherapy ​(BACP). ​Further ​details ​can ​be ​found ​at




It is my intention that the contents of our therapy are kept confidential. I believe it to be an important part of the therapy process that you feel you are able to discuss anything you need without fear of recrimination. However this needs to be balanced with my ethical requirement to safeguard children or vulnerable adults. There may be times when the information you disclose is of such gravity that confidentiality cannot be maintained. In such a situation I would always try and discuss this with you before taking any further action.


Examples would be:

  • Where I believe you pose a serious risk to yourself or to others.

  • Where children or vulnerable adults may be at risk.


Please be aware that I have a legal responsibility to inform the police if I believe you are involved in money laundering or terrorism.


I have Supervision at a minimum of 90 minutes a month. I may also discuss our work together in Supervision. You will remain anonymous to my Supervisor.


Supervision is a requirement for all Counsellors. It is conducted in a confidential environment


Record Keeping.

How long records are kept for and what data is held where, who has access to this. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, 2018)


Structure of sessions


It is my preference to work with clients on a weekly basis. I believe this provides the best opportunity for a good therapeutic outcome. Where possible we will book a regular weekly slot however I appreciate that your work/family commitments may mean that this is not possible. Sessions will last 50 minutes


Cancellation and holidays.

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, the full fee will be payable. If I cancel with less than 24 hours notice, the next session is free of charge. In the event of adverse weather conditions preventing a session from taking place we will try and arrange the session at the next mutually convenient opportunity. If the session cannot be rescheduled to be within one week of the original appointment, the next session is free of charge.




In the unlikely event that I am late for your session, I will honour the full 50 minutes where time allows, this may not always be possible. If this is not possible, your next session will be free. If you are late for your session, the session will end at the usual time.




Should you be unhappy with any aspect of your Counselling, if you feel able to please raise this with me so that we can look at this together, as it may be that the matter can be resolved. If you don’t feel able to raise your concerns or doing this does not satisfactorily resolve your complaint then please contact the BACP professional conduct department on 01455 88 33 77 or contact the BACP and opt to use the ‘Ask Kathleen’ service on 01455 88 33 44 or email


Contact outside of sessions


In the initial session I will discuss with you what you would like to happen should you see each other outside of sessions for example; in a shop. I will acknowledge you if you wish or not, if you prefer. No Counselling will take place outside of session times. At times Clients may contact me for the purposes of needing to cancel a session. A message should be left on the on telephone or you can text me on x. I will pick up any messages during my administration time and respond. Messages will not be picked up during sessions with other clients or outside of normal office hours. In cases of emergency, clients are advised to contact their GP or other health professional or appropriate emergency service. Samaritans can be contacted on (freephone) 116 123.


Social media ‘friend requests’ shall be ignored and a discussion around this will take place in the following session. For the protection of both Counsellor and Client it’s important to maintain boundaries.


Alcohol and drug use policy There is an expectation that clients shall not arrive for their session under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, I reserve the right to turn away clients who arrive for a session in these circumstances.


Respect for the process


I respectfully ask that my clients respect me and my time and take their Counselling seriously.


Cost of session


I am currently working via zoom and offering low-cost sessions to disabled people struggling with lockdown and the transition to a new normal. I'm also providing low-cost therapy to people struggling with anxiety and/or feeling like they don't fit in from £15.


Payment for the first session should be by bank transfer and payment thereafter can be made by bank transfer at the time of the session. If payment is not received promptly then I will not be able to offer further sessions. Details of payment by bank transfer are:


Sarah Felton

Sort code: 40 26 01

Account number: 9414038




It is a requirement of the BACP ethical standards that I work within my competence and as such there may be times where I feel I would not be able to offer Counselling to you. In this situation, I would discuss where you can find a Counsellor who is a specialist in the area relevant to yourself.


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BACP register number 238162 BACP membership number 698206


Currently working via zoom.

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