Sarah Felton - Counsellor specialising in working with anxiety.

Thanks for stopping by my website. Since 2013, I've helped many clients break through their obstacles that were holding them back in life and have worked with many themes, problems and issues including: loss, depression, physical disabilities and bereavement. I now specialise in anxiety. I primarily work with adults aged 20 - 35 but I can work with anyone over the age of 18. I enjoy working with older people too. 

I'd love to help you feel less anxious so that you can get on with what matters most to you. In the beginning stages of therapy I will help you reduce your symptoms which might include: A racing heart, a level of perfectionism that leads to constant dissatisfaction, intrusive thoughts and a dry mouth. Once we have lessened your symptoms and built a trusting relationship we can begin to look at reducing your level of anxiety by addressing some of the thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself and the world around you.

As a Counsellor rebuilding human connection is what I facilitate. It’s a privilege but I don’t perform magic just provide space and empathy for my clients to help themselves. I say ‘just’ like it’s easy. Of course, it takes time and skill.

Above all, I believe the relationships with others and ultimately 'ourselves' is key to our happiness and sense of well-being.



  • ​Bsc (hons) Counselling Skills and Studies

  • PG (Dip) Counselling & Psychotherapy

I am a registered member of BACP - Membership number 698206

Further training

  • Bereaved by suicide Counsellor training January 2018 (Leeds Mind) 

  • LGB+ Mental Health Awareness training March 2018 (Leeds Mind)

  • Working with Gender Minorities training March 2018 (Leeds Mind)

  • TA101 - Introduction to Transactional Analysis October 2018 (The Horsforth Centre)

Online events are a series of 1 hour webinars run for people in the helping professions and Counsellors and Psychotherapist's.


  • Eating Disorders Explored with Kel O'Neill November 2017 (Online Events)

  • Out of this world - Suicide Examined with Antonia Murphy  February 2018(Online Events)

  • 100 Days to G - Day with Alison Moore - GDPR training February 2018 (Online Events)

  • Approaching Empathy as a way of life with Jenny Florence March 2018 (Online Events)

  • Eating Disorders Explored #3 with Kel O'Neil April 2018 (Online Events)

  • Anger, Rage and TA with Sue Parker - Hall April 2018 (Online Events)

  • GDPR - Data Protection Next Steps with Alison Moore April 2018 (Online Events)

  • Anxiety - A Cognitive Behavioural Perspective with Elaine Davis June 2018 (Online Events)

  • The Impact on Children and Young People of the Medicalization of Distress with Sue Lewis June 2018 (Online Events)

  • Anxiety: The Tools Of Change And The Origin Of Cause with Ian Wallace June 2018 (Online Events)

  • The Good Enough Supervisor with Samuel Magill July 2018 (Online Events) 


I developed a keen interest in Counselling from a young age as a result of my own experience with anxiety and subsequent therapy. I have experienced first hand how trans-formative Counselling can be not only useful, but life changing.

I have a background working in the service industry. It is through my time working in this area that I became particularly interested in helping people discover more about who they are, what they love doing and to do more of that. Awareness brings choices. 

I was recently a guest on Dr Jo Robinson's podcast "Suspicious Minds." You can take a listen to my episode by clicking on the following link


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Currently working via zoom.

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